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Why A Zipperless Luggage is More Secure For Travel | The Rimowa Dupe - The AnyZip Review

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Our bags being tampered with is usually not a thought when we take the necessary precautions like attaching a TSA Approved lock to secure our belongings. However, the safety of our belongings is and have been at significant risk of intrusion if you’ve used a zippered suitcase. Yet zipperless suitcases made from a rigid material, like aluminum, or hard plastic, are the safest alternative.

Zipperless luggage reliability comes from the fact that they click down, snap shut, and are secured using a lock to keep the main compartment closed. Instead of a zipper, a zipperless bag comes with one or two latches and a TSA-approved lock built into the bag to secure our belongings, and they’re keyless.

Opposed to Polycarbonate (plastic), aluminum luggage is considered the safest. One reason is that aluminum is much more durable. Imagine leaving a regular suitcase with zippers unattended for a few seconds; anyone could open your zipper with a pen in a matter of seconds; on the other hand, opening zipperless luggage unnoticed is almost impossible.

How To Avoid Overpacking?

The biggest hack to packing efficiently is not packing the night before the trip. You’re almost sure to overpack and leave something behind. With hard-sided suitcases made for packing clothes first, then everything else overpacking can be done quickly. Here are three essential tips for packing efficiently:

  1. Start with a packing list to avoid overpacking.

  2. Determining what to take with you based on your itinerary and destination.

  3. Fold or roll clothes and use compression packing cubes to keep things organized.

Get your copy of my book, The Ultimate Guide For Travel Hacks: How to travel safely and confidently, and check out chapter six, which is dedicated to packing. The book will help you plan and prepare for your trip with 365 travel hacks.

Finally, overall zipperless suitcases are becoming more popular due to the security of our belongings. However, they’re not for everyone; they could be heavier than a regular suitcase, good quality zipperless luggage could be more expensive, with no exterior pockets, and the warranty can differ depending on the brand. Zipperless bags are sleek and chic; the same packing principles apply to avoid paying overweight fees at the airport. I just bought my first zipperless suitcase.

I’m looking forward to the added security, especially since this is the first checked bag I’ve used in over ten years. Meanwhile, check out my Youtube review video of the Rimova dupe AnyZip.

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Leave me a comment about your thoughts or if you own a zipperless suitcase and get a free packing list by joining the travel tribe blog here. Bye for now, and happy travels.


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