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About Us

Our Mission  

across N abroad travel mission is delivering the highest quality of Customer Service infused with world-class fun, culture, and an itinerary that will exceed your expectation. We are the new luxury of active traveling and we will design a travel package for any destination in the world.


Let’s take a journey showcasing the true beauty, fun, and sparkle that awaits you with a unique travel itinerary to a destination that we specialize in which is Europe. If you love to travel or you have recently become an empty nester and have found yourself with a bit of extra cash, you are in for a delightful treat with our Quick Trip travel packages or Hire Me and let's chat and create a Europe itinerary specifically to your liking. One of our greatest pet peeves is that of poor customer service, hence we work assiduously to provide clients with quite the opposite, exceptional customer service while showcasing fantastic vacations. It is our aim to allow each client to have wonderful vacations, as well as create a phenomenal travel experience with our boutique travel agency - across N abroad, Travel leading the charge. 

Who am I 

I am the CEO of the full-service travel agency across N abroad Travel and I am your travel connoisseur, Toni Reid, and we are located in the Greater Metropolitan Area. I am a Certified Travel Agent, specializing in European destinations to included trains, planes, and cruises. It would be my pleasure to craft a vacation itinerary for your travel exploits to come. My passion for traveling came from the stories my dad shared with me as a Navy man and then as a result of being a parent myself which later transformed into an empty nester’s dream world fulfilled taking me to amazing destinations across the globe. While I can create packages for any part of the world and I have traveled to many places I have taken a special liking to the European country. To be honest to see, touch, and experience the things movies are made of gives me a bit of an adrenaline rush. Then upon returning home the stories I can share with my family and friends and now you keep me pumped until my next trip. 











My commitment has allowed me to be apart of birthday celebrations and girls trip so give me the pleasure in being your travel planner and exceeding your expectations. 


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