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How Embracing Deep Travel is Like Opening Your Heart to a New World.

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

For years I've gone against the grain of what pulls my heartstrings for travel and what and how I want to share these experiences with the world. I went along with what the social media squares said I should do. I pivoted when these platforms changed the algorithm, but I didn't do so well; I was exhausted trying and could not show up as my authentic self.

Temple of Athens Pronaia | Delphi, Greece
Temple of Athens Pronaia | Delphi, Greece

I decided that the year 2023 was going to be different. I'm going to embrace, out loud, Deep Travel. In chapter one of my book "The Ultimate Guide For Travel Hacks | How to travel Safely and Confidently," I shared my enjoyment of history, culture, and people. This is how I will (across N abroad Travel) show up for the world moving forward.

What Is Deep Travel?

It means exploring a destination deeply, such as reading about it in advance and meeting the locals while you're there. Deep travel seeks a connection to the place and an association that evokes a feeling, i.e., the smells, colors, tastes, sounds, and textures from a Balinese Prayer. There's no one definition, but what is conclusive is deep travel is authentic to the place.

Las Redes restaurant | Yucatan, Mexico
Las Redes restaurant | Yucatan, Mexico

Travel vs. Vacationing

Ooh, the best distinction I've found was on the website Pursuit Collection:

Travel is about the place; traveling is looking beyond yourself to the place you are at.

Vacation is about your needs (needing to relax and recharge).

These definitions resonated with me! While I love my family and friends, 99.9% can't get their heads wrapped around my appreciation of Athens, Greece, over Santorini, Greece. I know about the Cyclades' stunning beaches and clear blue waters because I've experienced them too. But Athens is the capital of Greece, and I am a lover of history and deep travel.

Caves of Hercules, Tangier, Morocco
Caves of Hercules, Tangier, Morocco | The last man that was born in these caves

Let's be clear, there's no right or wrong way to experience the world around us, but I'm embracing what pulls my travel heartstrings. I'm excited about sharing my journey and want to encourage others to do the same. But if you're going to sprinkle some travel in with your vacation, get beneath the surface of a place, prioritize experiences, and read chapter eight in my book Laws, Culture, and Etiquette.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about travel vs. vacationing. Join the tribe, get a free packing checklist, and receive my latest escapades delivered straight to your inbox (click here). Bye for now, and happy travels.


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