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3- Steps To Get Radically Clear About Your Purpose For Traveling

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

2020 has taught us a lot about life, from tough times, tough lessons, personal growth, and learning opportunities. For 2021 you'll be setting goals and taking steps to achieve them while also making time to support yourself and your wellness. We were shut-in for far longer than we could have imagined in 2020. It appears that we'll probably be shut-in for the first half of 2021 as well. We now all have a new appreciation for life and living the best version of it. Many of us are looking forward to going outside without restrictions, traveling the globe, and undertaking new adventures. Hi, my name is Toni Reid, and I love the beauty, culture, and experience that comes from traveling across the U.S. and abroad. I want to inspire others to do the same. Don't waste any more of your life waiting for the right time. The year 2020 taught us that life is short. For us, that means dreaming about travel, researching trips, making plans, and taking the leap at the first opportunity we can. If you've been fantasizing about your ideal getaway for years, it's time to take action.

Here are three steps towards making it a reality:

Step 1 - Laser Focus

Having clarity about your purpose for a trip makes it easier to create a meaningful itinerary. It makes selecting accommodation, activities/excursions, and to set a budget uncomplicated. Your focus is that one thing(s) you must do on this vacation, it's the reason you picked that destination, and the thought of flying there makes your heart skip a beat!

If you're having trouble focusing, start with a bucket list, and you can check out my blog "Bucket List: The Travel Edition" for details on how to create one. Sort those things into three categories, why you want to do them, and you cannot duplicate any information:

Passions or things that you'd do/go regardless of the expense or time.

Hobbies or things you do for entertainment.

Right now or something you do because you feel burned out.

For example, (A) I live to travel. When I travel, my focus is to visit whatever and do whatever makes that destination unique. Like The Seven Wonders of the World, I've already gone to four of the seven, yippee! I'm an enthusiast about the historical connection these destinations have to civilization, and my heart skips a beat at the thought of traveling to these monuments. (B) An entertaining trip for me would be a trip to the Caribbean like Jamaica. The island's distinct music like reggae and soca if I need a break from life's routines. (C) A right now trip would be something I could do almost spontaneously, like a local getaway to Deep Creek Lake in McHenry, MD.

Some other options could be for A, B, or C are to visit all live sports games, enjoy the colorful atmosphere of festivals, visit the location of your favorite movie, or a worldwide cruise. The options are endless, and you can do it with a bit of planning.

Step 2 - Compare and Justify

The reality of money, health, and job and family obligations certainly matter and affect people's ability to travel; whenever possible, travel is a worthy and sometimes underestimated goal. With that in mind, compare and justify your reason for step one, go ahead, make plans to disrupt your routine, and travel with no constraint. And in turn, you're not only a better person, but you're a better parent, mate, and sibling. Comparing and justifying allows you to determine which trip is first, next, and last.

Step 3 - The Essential Step

Anything can go wrong even with the perfect plan but let's avoid some hiccups due to lack of planning. It's necessary to determine the entrance requirements for the country you want to go to. Most countries require that you have a passport. Some countries require a visa, check the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Traveler's Health site, register with, and don't forget travel insurance.

The year 2020 taught us that life doesn't wait for anyone. Having a purpose for your trip makes traveling more satisfying, and crossing a journey off your bucket list is gratifying. These are the experiences that give you stories to tell for the rest of your life. Despite having financial or other obligations, you, too, deserve to live your best life right now.

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