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The Streets of LA

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Jean-Michel Basquiat by artist Alex Ali Gonzalez

I've visited Los Angeles many times before. Still, this visit was intimidating due to the pandemic and exciting because I was visiting my long lost "bestest" friend. In this blog, I'm sharing one of our" insta ventures" from the streets of the world's entertainment capital, Los Angeles. Hi, my name is Toni Reid, and I love the beauty, culture, and adventure that comes from traveling across the U.S. and abroad and I want to inspire others to do the same.

Angel Wings

LA street art has played an intrinsic role by giving life and beauty to the city's landscape. Touring LA's street art was a perfect activity to do during COVID-19.

The Art District is known to have many pieces of art but around Hewitt St is where I found most of my images. Still, many other pictures don't have specific street addresses. However, it's now easier with Instagram than ever to find artists and learn more about their work and others probably wish to remain anonymous or use aliases.

Kobe and Gianna Bryant

Street art that uses images of famous people can hold the viewer's attention. It offers some personal connection to the artwork if that famous person is recognized. It can breathe life into a community.

Goddess Wall

Street Artist has finally been accepted for the creative and talented individuals that they are and not vandals. Street art is kind of constant throughout the gentrification process and usually in neighborhoods that are pre-gentrification. Over time the type of street art and its content changes as the community gentrifies. The street art becomes "neater," more prominent, less controversial.


The Sade mural was in front of a gym that unless you were looking for it, you would not see it, and once you walk behind the wall of the Sade mural, there was more street art.

Traveling during COVID-19 can be nerve-racking for apparent reasons, but it can be done safely and respectfully if carefully planned. This trip was the second leg of a twelve-day vacation from the state of Florida to California. For me traveling during COVID-19 has forced me to be even more creative in how I immerse myself in a destination's culture. Street Art can be and do many things; it can be an expression of emotions, it can represent a feeling or idea or people and abstracts. Street art takes the 'normal' and makes it so more enjoyable. In the underdeveloped neighborhoods, the bright colors and beautiful art can fill the area with optimism.

Kobe and Nipsey

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