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It's The Motion of The Ocean | How to Combat Being Sick On A Cruise Ship

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Imagine the crisp fresh scent of the Caribbean air, with the warmth of the sun toasting your skin. Whether your interest lies in visiting once forbidden isles to explore the eccentricities that lie within or you seek an amazing life fulfilling voyage wherein you grow as a person whilst having the time of your life; Across N Abroad Travel Agency is the premiere full-service travel agency to book your next vacation. Though there is so much to explore, life grants you small gifts for you to treasure. Take this gift as an amazing opportunity to see some world from your very own cabin on the Sea/Ocean. Toni Reid, being an empty nester and travel extraordinaire is quite familiar to the needs of those who want to vacation in luxury and learn more about themselves by giving of themselves in the same process. She is your cruise connoisseur and as such, knows not only how to plan the most unique and enjoyment filled itineraries, but also shows you just how you can have an enjoyable time in spite of pesky motion sickness. 2018 has great vacation trips in store from Cuba to Hawaii even to the great down under Australia. Don’t be left out of these dream vacations on account of motion sickness, there are ways to beat it and herein we’ll explore a few remedies, brush a bit on the surface on what exactly motion sickness is, along with a bit of cabin advice when booking your dream getaway.

Motion sickness has been defined as “a very common disturbance of the inner ear…caused by repeated motion from a vehicle or any other movements that disturb the inner ear.”[1] Others have distinguished it as “a feeling you get when the motion you sense with your inner ear is different from the motion you visualize.”[2]At the end of the day, the commonality seen is that there is a disturbance of the inner ear in conjunction to motion. There have been some critiques put forth with claims that motion sickness is not directly linked to nor correlates specifically with the inner ear but more so concerned with perception of posture and body movements. There have been many studies conducted and many scientists and professors have posited their own theories in relation to the disturbance, but let’s focus on getting you some relief, shall we? These ready, set, go trips curated by Across N Abroad travel agency have wondrous seas of exploration just waiting to be taken advantage of and there is no reason you should be left out when there are simple and easily accessible solutions for the issue at hand.

Now that we know what it is, let’s find out how to cope with the symptoms or even help prevent it altogether. ‘How do I know if I have motion sickness?’ you may ask for those of you who may not have already been diagnosed or have not sought treatment of the medical variety and perhaps waited it out and allowed it to pass without much thought. There are a wide array of symptoms experienced; from nausea to vomiting, pallor, sweating, drooling, short breath, dizziness, and drowsiness to name a few. Generally, when travelling by boat or motor vehicle, if you experience a combination of or in singular cases these symptoms, you are deemed to be suffering from motion sickness. Ideally, when your visual perception does not coincide with what you are feeling, these symptoms may occur. If so, in a mild form you can seek treatment that won’t involve an exponentially large bill from your doctor with costly drugs. Let’s discuss a few home remedies to help alleviate the above-mentioned symptoms. Generally, it has been said that “the distressing symptoms of motion sickness usually stop when the motion causing it ceases. But that is not always true.”[3]Some individuals suffer from severe motion sickness which then makes visiting the physician absolutely unavoidable. While others can take these tips, and receive some assistance and spend less time in their cabin feeling disoriented and uneasy and more time exploring all the activities the cruise line makes available to their passengers.

  • Take a nap

Whether you are suffering from motion sickness or general tiredness in life, motion I think we can all relate and come to the conclusion that naps solve quite a few of life’s not so troubling issues. On a more serious note however, when you do feel the discomfort coming on, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and venture off to your happy place. Find your center and relax your mind, focus less on the movement around you and more on you. Be at peace within yourself and find a calm relaxing place to ease your mind, before you know it, la la land has whisked you off into dream world where discomfort and nausea exists no more. Of course you don’t want to sleep through your entire vacation, I mean, you’ve waited probably your whole life to experience this, but a few naps here and there calm the mind and allow you to not overthink the happenings around you.

  • Chew

Chewing has been said to relieve ear difficulties for many whether during flight, driving in a motor vehicle or sailing across seas/oceans. Though what comes to mind when we speak of chewing during travel is linked with gum, chewing in general can help alleviate the discomfort experienced. So when packing your fun and visually appealing swimsuits among other travel gear, purchase a few pieces sweets and a few packs of gum for the travel haul.

  • Book cabins without views

Considering you’ll want to book your next vacation is 2018. Across N Abroad travel has three exciting and self-fulfilling trips awaiting. Hawaii sailebrations of superior proportions. Set sail aboard the only U.S. ship that sails roundtrip from Honolulu year-round and visits four islands. I mean come on, what could be more magical than the sounds of ukuleles, leis and an amazing time? Sailing could be troublesome for individuals suffering from motion sickness but if you book cabins without a view, you eliminate the visual/perception conflict which has been said to be the cause of motion sickness. There are so many cabins and amenities provided by cruise lines all with the guest in mind. Therefore, why not take full advantage of what could very well be a few clicks away or a conversation away with the assistance of your Rockstar cruise extraordinaire Toni Reid? At $1800 per person with just a $200 deposit, magnificence, a world unknown, greatness to unearth and explore is available with wonderful inclusions of 12 bars and lounges onboard, two overnight stays of the seven days in Maui and Kauai, cascading waterfalls, active volcanoes and a gift bag! So whether you are in it for nature, or the drinks, or you wish to explore in greater detail the history of Hawaii, this trip is not to be missed, especially not due to the annoyance and disturbance of motion/sea sickness. It must be noted that prices discussed are subject to change until payment has been received, but for those amenities included, who wouldn’t take the plunge and see the beauty this world has to offer beyond the shores of the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Toni, can most certainly advise on the best accommodations for you and your family while ensuring you have a spectacular time.

  • Inhale some fresh air

At times, our senses tend to be intertwined, throwing off the basic functionalities of our being. That being said, imagine driving down the incredibly beautiful streets of Havana in a 1950’s classic and a foul odor whiffs by; it would be entirely understandable for you to feel a sense of discomfort, maybe a mouth-watering sensation and not because of the appetizing meals Cuba has to offer. Enable yourself a relaxing getaway while soaking up some warm Caribbean sun and inhaling fresh air in the environs around by booking this tremendously culturally rich and exquisite tour of the Republic. Cuba is a country of tremendous history and flare. Take a drive down the streets of Havana and listen to the vivacious Rumba/Salsa beats at $1800 per person with a holding deposit of as low as $200; prices are subject to change until payment is made of course. There is no other trip available like this, not only will you have a good time but you also have the opportunity to complete a community project and give back to a beautiful country with many past experiences of oppression and even underprivilege experienced. Cuba is a wonderful country to be explored and great things await. So, rethink motion sickness and your stance on the discomfort. Take deep breaths and explore the fresh air and see some Cuba.

  • Ginger

This root has been known by many as a wonder product of the soil. With benefits such as relieving nausea, and discomfort, whether ingested via steeping in warm water, ginger sweets, or even placing a small piece of organic ginger beneath your tongue, you can flavour the moments and enjoy all that your tremendous travel itinerary has in store.

Let’s discuss the truth about sea sickness as per Royal Caribbean, “most new cruisers have no problems with seasickness on our ships, due to their size, navigational advance of storms, and stabilizers,”[4] It’s imperative that you talk with your doctor prior to traveling overseas whether via aircraft or cruise just to undergo a routine check up to ensure everything is in order and even gain some tips for the road. Travelling to new places via new means put forth new reactions and side effects and the best way to cope is to inform yourself of the possibilities and the possible remedies you can explore. Take for instance travelling to Australia, on Across N Abroad Travel Agency’s phenomenal uncomping trip for 2019. This journey by no means will be a short one and maybe the suggestions explored may not last the full duration of travel, as such speaking with your physician can put you in a better place to explore all that down under has to offer from the most delicious Barbie or the most opulence to be explored via theatre. At a phenomenal price only $1650 per person with a $200 holding fee there is much to explore! Knowing that the trip is yours to explore as there is no set itinerary, I think that is more than enough to get you in gear to overcome any difficulties you may experience by motion sickness which in fact is one in the same as sea sickness.

Historically[5], motion sickness has played a part in the lives of travellers. With writing being seen as far back as Greek and Roman eras with texts positing the exploration of avoidance of sea voyages. Even in light of the slave trade era traveling across the middle passage was filled with great displeasure. Chronic sufferers did not all have access to the wealth of information that is available today. So, for you living in the 21st century, you are already light years ahead and as such there is no real reason to miss out on the greatness that awaits from Across N Abroad Travel.


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