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Travel Photo Diary

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Do you keep a photo diary? A physical journal with pages of photos and written expressions where you have frozen moments of your vacations. My journal has pictures and thoughts about destinations, the good, bad, and the in-between. My favorite journal is the Bullet Journal by LEUCHTTURM1917, and the entries are both mundane like the people I met en route or as extraordinary as a conversation with an Egyptian who lead me on a camel ride in Cairo. I took most of the photos in my journal with either my S9 or GoPro. I thumbed through my memoir, and it brought me joy. As I reflect on the spot, I stood, the physical maneuvring required to get that picture, or that kind stranger who voluntarily took my photo. If you're lead to start your photo diary, here's my humble advice on how to make your journal entries even more memorable. Include funny things you've overheard, write about the sounds, smells, tastes. Alternatively, if you have the gift of drawing, document your travel through illustrations, but through the words of one of my favorite YouTubers Minks4all do whatever makes your heart sing.

Delphi, Greece Greece is one of my traveling besties for so many reasons. There's the modern yet ancient, fabulous beaches, forests, lakes, and rivers with crystal clear water, and thousands of islands. However, a visit to Delphi should not be under-rated. Once considered the center of the world and home to the Sanctuaries of Apollo and ancient Oracles is only a two and half hour ride from Athens. As I got closer to the Temple of Apollo, my ears popped, which was an indication that the altitude was changing. The beauty of the mountains blew my mind, and I could not wait to explore the home of Zeus son Apollo.

Barcelona, Spain Pickpocket and bag snatching is a big issue in Barcelona, or at least that's what I read, fortunately, that wasn't my experience. Now with that aside, Barcelona is deep with history, and a lively city known for having one of the best nightlife's in the world. I ventured out to a nightclub one evening, and I danced to some techno and indie music. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Catalonian and Spanish people of Barcelona.

Havana, Cuba In the 1950s, you never had to lock the front door and could leave the front windows open. Cuba conjures images of the fifties with classic cars and a lack of technology. Yes, the country is behind the time but Cubans are some of the friendliest people. They will talk to anyone and are generous with their time. You can not miss out on the lively street-side musicians and Mojitos. Check out my YouTube post on how to prepare an authentic Cuban Mojito.

Long Beach, CA On the agenda today was a visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific. I love going to watch all sorts of exotic fish and animals where some of them are beautiful and others are very ugly. Yet there’s something tranquil and soothing about watching moving water and fish gracefully glide by. I spent a few hours wandering through the aquarium as it was relaxing and educational! I also pet round stingrays now I can cross touching a stingray off my bucket list.

What’s on your bucket list? "People who keep journals have life twice." Jessamyn West.


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