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JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai | The World's Tallest Hotel: Take A Look Inside My King Size Room

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai - Pool Terrace
JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai - Pool Terrace

After thirteen (13) hours and ten minutes (10) nonstop from the Dulles International Airport (IAD) in the Washington metropolitan area, I landed at the third busiest airport in the world –Dubai International Airport (DXB). Dubai is one of the most unique destinations in the world; it's a city with mega malls, some of the tallest buildings, and the largest artificial islands in the world! It's my first day and my fifth (5) continent that I'm about to explore, so I'm super excited to get this vacation started.

Marriott Marquis

Water Canal and JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai
Water Canal and JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

Picked up and drove to the world's second tallest hotel, the J.W. Marriott Marquis was about a 20-minute ride from the DXB. Marriott is the world's biggest hotel chain; however, their brand J.W. Mariott Marquis offers an elevatored experience. Such as "amenity program, fitness center with a sports club environment, spa and boutique or lifestyle retail." They are also usually in big cities and located in city centers. The Marquis brand is Marriotts' flagship style hotel, similar to the Hyatt Regency brand. The 5-star J.W. Mariott Marquis Hotel Dubai did not disappoint. They have the largest accommodation capacity in Dubai with 1.608 guest rooms, including 240 suites!

It sits above Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), a major highway and the longest in the United Arabic Emirates. It comprises two 77-floor iconic twin towers (A and B), designed to resemble palm tree-shaped. My room was on the 57th floor, and the B Tower with perfect views of the Dubai Water Canal and Dubai's skyscrapers. It was the elevator for me, and like in my blog, All You Need To Know About Dubai Frame, one wall in the elevator was made of glass. Giving each passenger a beautiful perspective of the city, I avoided these elevators for my first three (3) days because of my fear of heights. However, I was not going to allow my fear to make me miss out on this view.

What To Eat?

There are 14 different restaurants, and I enjoyed the cuisine at five during my stay. Bridgewater Tavern, where I had a la carte chicken burger with fries, and to be honest, it was not good at all or could be. I compared it to the outstanding chicken burger I had at the Aqua Poolside Grill and Bar. I was hungry after a late-night return from the Dubai Mall, which closes at 1 AM. I had a craving for some Italian, so I visited Positano, and it was just what my stomach ordered. It was Kitchen6 that I visited each of the nine days I was in UAE. The six (6) cuisine with over a hundred different entrees and appetizers in the buffet was beyond delicious. The La Farine Café & Bakery food was good too, with great views of the streets in front of the hotel. I visited the highest hotel bar in the world on the 71st floor of my hotel, the Vault. But what's interesting is to access the Vault; you get off the elevator on the B Tower side at the 71st floor, then get on a separate elevator to the 72nd floor. This lounge bar is decorated in elegant black and gold; the room is classy and chic. They specialize in Russian drinks, great music, and amazing views!

On The Move

JW Marriott Marquis is about ten minutes from Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, two key places you must visit in Dubai. Overall the hotel's commitment to quality, safety, and hospitality was visible. It's also not overly decorative or extravagant. Still, a palette of greys and a pop of color are seen occasionally throughout this palm tree-shaped hotel. I'd describe the decoration as minimal and elegant from the rooftop pool and the airy lobbies, and the ambiance was chic.

Dubai is the most known city in the United Arab Emirates. A hotel close to sites and transportation like a JW Marriott Hotel Dubai is convenient, especially if you want to explore the city as I did. It also scores a five in all categories: affordable, clean, comfortable, quality, and safe; therefore, I highly recommend this accommodation for your stay in Dubai.

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