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How To Plan The Ultimate Self-Care Girl Trip Anywhere in World and Come Back More Than Refreshed?

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

What is Self-Care?

Self -care is not all face masks and bubble baths. It is any activity that takes care of your mental, emotional, and physical needs. Any activity that improves our mood keeps us relaxed and anxiety-free. Remember though, self-care is different for everyone.

A vacation with your closest friends laughing until you cry, over glasses of wine, and make memories you'll cherish forever!

Studies have shown that maintaining or renewing friendships as we age is good for our health and well-being. With that in mind, a girlfriend's getaway of pampering and togetherness when the quarantine is over will be just what the doctor ordered. If you've never been on a girls' trip, you may not understand their importance. They are a time to connect, reflect, encourage, relax, laugh, and maybe sometimes cry.

The Steps To An Ultimate Girlfriend Trip?

1. Select a co-host - For a girlfriend getaway, it's essential to assign a co-host right from the start. Divide and conquer is the name of the game. Even with a small group, it is crucial. There are so many preparation steps, and when the event is in full swing, having help is critical.

2. Who's Going? - Will it be for three or more friends? Are men and children allowed? You'll be surprised, that if this question isn't addressed, how many people will inquire if they can bring their male friend or child on a girl trip, or worse- assume it is okay and show up with them at the airport! That’s not the time to find out who is really going on the trip. This question needs to be put on the table, so everyone begins the journey on the same page.

3. When Will You Go? Planning may be a challenge. You have conflicting schedules, unique personalities, and mismatched budgets and expectations can throw a wrench in what would be the perfect vacation. It might be wise to pick dates that aren’t close to anything major happening for anyone. For instance, Tiffany just broke up with her long-term boyfriend. Now, this may seem like a prime time to go, but the reality is- if the breakup is fresh- guess what Tiffany may end up spending her time doing??? Yes- you’ll be sympathetic for the first 30 minutes, but after that- you’ll be ready to strangle her or leave her in the room.

4. Where To Go- Do you all like colder weather or hot weather?

5. Decide On A Theme - Will it be Tuscan, where a villa will be rented, complete with a chef who will teach you a class? Will the trip be a pampering extravaganza at a Yoga Retreat, like Go Natural Jamaica in Long Bay, Portland, Jamaica?

6. Set a Budget - Plan to give everyone time to save money comfortably. Write all potential expenses like airline tickets, accommodations, food (if not all-inclusive), shopping, emergencies, and ad hoc miscellaneous. When you create a budget, decide the maximum amount you're willing to spend from start to finish and break it down to per person and add 10%, just because!

7. Coordinate Packing - You want to make sure everyone has the same type of outfits so no one is under or overdressed while on vacation. You can coordinate who is bringing what beauty products, so that everyone is not carrying a clothes steamer.

8. Free Time - Always factor in free time that allows the option to opt-out of any activities. Some may choose to do activities on their own or just stay at the accommodation.

COVID-19 has made us realize how important self-care is and that it extends beyond how many times we wash our hands or how many feet apart we stand. When we’ve taken the precautions for our safety, we can still enjoy self-care among friends!

Tip: If drinking is involved, the last step is deciding who will be the designated driver - Safety first!

Happy Travels!

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