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How To Pack A Personal Item For Plane Travel | Bento Bag By Nomad Lane v.3

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Bento Bag® V 3.0 - Personal Item Bag
Bento Bag® V 3.0 - Personal Item Bag

What makes this bag unique is just how many gosh darn pockets and folders and zippered sections there are and the fact that there are alternate ways to access many of the pockets. And the layout was well throughout. Finding a great carry-on bag is like finding a needle in a haystack, and I am very much a carry-on luggage type of traveler.

Packing for vacation can be stressful but then trying to fit 7-10 days in a carry-on and personal item bag only adds a bit more stress. This blog will show how to maximize that complimentary/free personal item bag.

But first, if you didn't know, the Nomad Lane Bento Bag fits under the seat in front of you on most, if not all, domestic US airlines, so it's considered a "personal item" but packs up like a carry-on. One of my favorite things about the Bento Bag is that it opens right down the middle, exactly like a suitcase. In my bag, I like to pack at least one complete change of clothes, nightclothes, and a change of shoes. This set of clothes is just in case I am separated from my carry-on luggage and it's delayed.

Airport Security

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

The outside of the bag has a carabiner, so you can attach a travel pillow or anything else you want to hang from the Bento Bag. There is an internal elastic to keep a water bottle in place, and the Nomad Bento Bag comes with a pouch for tech cables and chargers and a clear pouch for your liquids. The bag has designated access pockets where you can slip the pouches from the top zippers.

The laptop pocket has a built-in padded pocket, so no more digging around at the Transportation Security Administration lineup. You have to access everything on the go.

The Style

Airplane Window
Airplane Window

The bag's design is unisex, and its perfect construction is made of water-resistant nylon material, making it easy to keep clean. There's a built-in charging port to pop in any standard battery pack.

The external front pocket allows you to keep must-haves like your passport, phone, and keys. I always keep a pen in the holder for customs. Not every airport has electronic forms available to complete for Customs, so it's always best to be prepared and have your pen.

Finally, it has a carry-on sleeve, so it slides over your luggage handle easily, keeping it securely. The only thing I do not like about the bag is the cheap fake leather latch that holds the handles together with a button. The bag is designed to fit under the seat in front of you and has worked perfectly for me.

Check out my "How To Pack A Personal Item For Plane Travel | Bento Bag By Nomad Lane v3 below

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