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Have You Ever Thought About Teaching in Cuba?

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Traveling in an exotic destination for the fun of is an amazing feat in and of itself. But just think, if you were able to give back on your next expedition, how wonderful that would feel. Think of yourself as a contestant in the Miss World Pageant, greater than beauty with a purpose; how about traveller with a purpose. Gentlemen, don’t feel left out this trip could very well be for you! I am a certified travel agent and a connoisseur of all things travel. Being an empty nester has blessed me with newfound opportunities to expand my horizons and see some of the world. As a parent, knowing that I made the sacrifices for my son to go to school, excel and be all that he can be makes me feel so much more connected to the beautiful island of Cuba. Now when you hear Cuba, I can imagine your mind high tails you into a quaint pub scene with Salsa music blaring, gentlemen puffing away at the finest authentic Cuban cigars, maybe even scents of authentic black beans and rice captivate your mind and salivate your taste buds with immediate effect. All these are tremendous aspects of this great country, however, there is so much more to be seen, unearthed and explored. Back to travelling for a purpose greater than self-relaxation and enjoyment; how about travelling for self-fulfilment? Across N’ Abroad Travel has an amazing trip coming up in 2018, and it would be a tremendous learning and growth travel experience for you to volunteer your time and give to a country so exquisitely unique and has overcame such hardships. It is nothing short of inspirational to see folks willing to extend themselves despite years of what has been argued by many as oppression. The children are eager to learn and as a parent that is truly amazing to see.

The destination trip is more than an exploration of authentic cuisine and rocking to the beautiful melodies and beats in the Cuban streets, this trip is also a means of truly being selfless and connecting with people in a meaningful way. Cuba has the best educational system in Latin America and though “the desks are old and worn and the blackboards are hard to write on”[1] the eagerness and zeal to learn is truly undeniable and an unforgettable, life changing experience. It must be noted that “education is compulsory from ages 6-16.”[2]As such, everyone is granted equal opportunity for a start in life. The trip will not only include a tour of Old Havana cruising down the streets in clean classic 1950’s rides but also getting you involved in Cuban outreach and delving into a community project. Volunteering feeds your soul in ways unimaginable, think about making, what to you could seem to be a small donation but could do so much for the Cuban children you’ll meet. The people emit a warmth and genuine love for those who are respectful and truly interested in learning about their country and their culture. As an American, of course you are considered to be a native English speaker; as such how about offering a bit of yourself and teach English while exploring the wondrous locations and jaw-dropping destinations. “Promoting English Language Teaching & Learning among the Cuban people is one of the primary objectives of the U.S. Embassy’s Public Affairs Office”[3]so why not let this objective also be a motivational guide for your next dream trip.

Teaching on a whole is a humbling and self-fulfilling experience as enabling someone else to learn and broaden their own spectrum through your experiences and by your efforts is beautiful. Cuba is such a beautiful country but let’s not forget its troubled past and the strains faced by many during the era of hardships and oppression. The Cuban people exhibit a resilience so incredible and inspiring. Teaching English in Cuba is not merely visiting a destination with white sandy beaches, beautiful scenery, fun cars and learning sensual dance moves, there is so much more that can be given than what is taken. The global market has a need for English and if you are able to give back in any way possible, these children, young people, adults and elderly folk would be appreciative. It has been explored by the Havana Times, that “the drive to learn coupled by the failure of English Language learning schools has brought much business to private teachers and language schools.”[4]It is unfortunate and indeed disheartening when people take advantage of the weakness and overzealous and authentic joy and thrill to learn for their sole monetary gain. Cuba has had its fair share of ups and downs through the years and just seeing their people win would be an amazing experience to witness and their undeniable gratefulness is an experience to be a part of. Americans teaching in Cuba has the potential to be not only a heart-warming experience but also a means of financial gains though not at the exploits of the Cubans; as merely teaching them “Tom is a boy and Mary is a girl” is not enough to benefit their overall development nor is it enough to put them in better standing to traverse the competitive global market. Let us also face the fact that though their learning equipment may be tattered, what truly goes on in those classrooms is nothing short of genius. Because when you think about it, when a country can produce so many medical practitioners that they flood their own country and have to resort to exporting their human capital, great things are taking place there and have been for many years now. Their government gives them the necessary tools for survival in free education; it is mandatory and helps mould their minds form early. Americans ought not to think of venturing to Cuba to teach merely to attain personal gain. The market is an open playground as they (Cubans) are enthralled by native speakers, giving room for many private firms to go in set up shop and take what they want without giving back enough of what is truly needed, to learn a new and quite complicated, if I must say, language altogether. The private education market for learning English is available, but let us go with the vision and the maintained thought in the back of our heads to aid and offer assistance and not to exploit creating some get rich quick ideology.

“There are many countries in which you can have an amazing cultural experience and also do fairly well financial from work...”[5]However Cuba, is more geared towards rewarding you in greater cultural experiences than actual financial gain. If you are thrilled to make this leap into the land of mystery and beautiful people, captivating beaches, fun rides then dip your foot in the water just to the test the feel and gain an understanding of what is to come on our 2018 Cuban explorer’s excursion. I am passionate about seeing new places and learning new things and more over giving back. I started a non-profit organization for the homeless and foster dogs at There is something humanizing about hosting events not for the benefit of self but others. Dogs have feelings and are often times not treated with the respect and given love as they should, I host athletic events and the registration costs go directly to benefit the dogs. An empty nester’s dream is to explore the world after they’ve spent time sacrificing their personal aspirations to foster the development of their own young ones. Why not help the youth of another country whose parents might not be able to afford their private English lessons? The same dream you had for your own children could very well be in similar fashion to those of Cuban parents, a chance to grow thereby enabling them to compete in the global market.

The embargo placed on Cuba had strained the flow of learning English as a foreign Language as the government was stringent in their expectations and wishes for their people. Geovision offers jobs “teaching English but these roles are temporary,”[6] and if you listen to reggae music any at all, you could do it ‘fi di love’ and not so much for the ‘likes’ similarly to what Jamaican artiste, Chronnix puts forth, or more like to it for the experience rather than financial gain. Teaching abroad does not have to be a terrifying experience, there has always been something astounding about exchange programs, being able to immerse yourself in the culture of another’s, learn new things and develop new outputs on life. People have done it, and found great benefit for themselves as they gave back, it could be the same for you.

Do not limit your travel plans to enjoy the tastes of a new country nor going to experience solely what is expected of the country. Sometimes it is great to take some fresh air and venture down the road less travelled, and I take great pride in my efforts diligently executed to make your travel visions unique. “Teaching positions in Cuba could be at either public or private international schools. The Cuban educational system follows a strict set of highly regulated standards to ensure all children living in Cuba receive a first-class education.”[7]As such, it can be seen that opportunity awaits as well as adventure and an overall wonderful experience, let Across N’ Abroad Travel take care of the hassle entailed in planning your dream vacation. Book today at the website and steer yourself towards a wonderful trip for the fun and excitement but also for extending a human hand to those who may very well be in need.

Cuba is a country so rich in culture and authentic appeal. It is a wonderful choice for the exploration of a whole new world and with the recent changes lessening the restrictions of travel, there is easier movement to be explored. “The island is renowned for its incredible low levels of violent crime.”[8] Making Across N’ Abroad Travel your travel partners would be a worthwhile investment and experience. Allow yourself to be transported to a beautiful scenery to clear your mind from your everyday life. Walk the streets of Old Havana with an English-speaking tour guide, you will feel as comfortable as walking the streets of your neighbourhood as the people are warm and incredibly welcoming. Cuba has great things to offer Americans and I believe we have so much to offer them as well. Being from a first world country, we have a tremendous outlook on life as we have experienced a great deal as a country. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Even merely sharing this aspect of ourselves will stand to benefit Cubans and aid in the broadening and overall development of a beautiful country. There are many experiences to see and explore, Across N’ Abroad travel will take care of everything from your Cuban visitor’s visa to accommodations and authentic Cuban cuisine. Take a piece of Cuba home with you with souvenir shopping for your whim and fancy. Teaching in Cuba is possible and you can give of yourself as much as you stand to gain. So take the leap and make 2018 destination Cuba.


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