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From Parenting to Passport: Embracing Life as an Empty Nester Traveling the World

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

After years of dedicating myself to my child, I'm an empty nester! And I've been blessed enough to have been on a journey to fulfill my long-held travel dreams. I've embraced the opportunity to see the world and create new experiences. I love sharing these journeys on my blogs and social media platforms, encouraging someone to live their dream life now that the children are out of the house. There are countless reasons to travel, but here are my top three: to gain a fresh perspective, create unforgettable memories, and indulge in new experiences. With my knowledge and experience in traveling, each trip provides an opportunity to learn, grow, and enrich one's life in countless ways.

We're at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida
We're at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida

So, let's dive in and discover the benefits of travel through the eyes of Toni Reid.

Cultural immersion: I'm fascinated by different cultures and want to experience them firsthand. Traveling would allow me to immerse myself in new and diverse cultures, meet people from all walks of life, and gain a better understanding and appreciation of the world. I want to learn about different customs, traditions, and ways of life because they broaden my understanding of the world and challenge my preconceived notions.

Adventure and exploration: I also travel the world to seek new experiences and explore the beauty and diversity of the world's natural wonders. From hiking in the mountains of North America to exploring ancient ruins in Asia, I want to experience all the unique and awe-inspiring sights and sounds.

the Pont des Arts aka Love Lock Bridge - Paris, France
The Pont des Arts aka Love Lock Bridge - Paris, France

Personal growth: Travel is an opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery. By challenging myself and experiencing new things, I could learn more about myself, develop new skills and strengths, and become more well-rounded. I see travel as a way to break out of my routine, try new things, and push myself to my limits, like ignoring my fear of heights by going to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and going to the top of Willis Tower in Chicago, all while having fun and exploring the world.

With these three reasons in mind, I embarked on my journey, eager to see all the world offers. From bustling cities like San Francisco, CA, to remote villages such as the Nubian Village in Aswan, Egypt, and the sandy beaches in the Caribbean like Curacao. I'm experiencing the world in all its beauty and diversity. I return home with a newfound appreciation for the world and all its wonders.

Grote Knip Beach - Curacao_edited
Grote Knip Beach - Curacao

In conclusion, traveling as an empty nester has been a truly transformative experience. It has allowed me to rediscover my passions and interests and forge deeper connections with myself as an individual and not a mother or partner. While the nest may be empty, the world is full of adventure and wonder waiting to be explored.

If you found inspiration in this blog, comment, share your thoughts, and follow me on Instagram and Youtube. And grab your copy of my book, The Ultimate Guide For Travel Hacks: How To Travel Safely and Confidently, for details on how to travel with children; that’s it for now, and happy travels.


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