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Food & Conversation - Dubai

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

The next best thing to eating food, is talking about it. So come out in the New Year and have some food and conversation with across N abroad Travel. Come out and experience the ambiance of Emirati cuisine --Dubai. The food that you will find in the region will be unlike any food you’ve ever had, so allow us to prepare you for the experience at our event --Food & Conversation. Go to our Shop at our site and reserve your ticket now. With a combination of Iranian, Lebanese and Arabic food, the Dubai cuisine will leave you wanting more and it is because of this that food is a main attraction in Dubai.

Some Staple Foods in Dubai:

  • Camel - Stuffed camel is so over the top that it is usually only presented during special occasions, festivals, and Bedouin ceremony or other important cultural and family events.

  • Shawarma - A middle eastern sandwich where the main event is the meat (Gyro like).

  • Al Harees - Traditional to Arabic cuisine and after hours of preparation from simple ingredients (wheat, salt and meat) This cuisine is usually offered during Ramadan.

  • Manousheh - Pizza and usually served for breakfast.

Etiquette for Authentic Dining

Most dining are at majlis (a place of sitting) which has cushions lining the room and pillows to rest your back. The Prophet Mohammad says to thank God then eat with your right hand because your left hand is used for personal hygiene. Andrew Henderson / The National says "we don't have to worry about what utensil goes on the left or right because we don't use them. We eat with our thoroughly washed hands." Arabians says eating with your hands are cleaner than using utensils because these utilize have been used by a infinite number of people. Meals are usually shared with 6-12 people on large dishes.

Fun Fact!

"A long time ago thieves used to have their right hands cut off. It was an added disgrace because they would have had to use the left hand for everything."

Drinking in Dubai

You can only drink in hotels. Also, alcohol is not served in outside areas unless it is a bar or in a hotel and as long as you're over 21 and a non-Muslim. According to the United Arab Emirates law and Alcoholic Beverage Control of 1972, if you want to have alcohol at home, bought from duty-free or an off-license shop, you need to have an alcohol license.

Alcohol is banned completely in Sharjah, it is illegal to drink in public, and it is advised against bringing alcohol in your checked-in luggage.

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