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First Time Trip To Europe

Updated: May 9, 2023

So you’re thinking about your first trip to Europe, and you have seven days to include the overnight flights. Do I travel to Pairs, France, Barcelona, Spain, or Munich, Germany? Firstly, do not try to go everywhere and see everything. They are all fantastic destinations to visit and with so many excellent sites to see; there could be no wrong choice. So where do you go from here is the question you’re asking yourself now.

City of lights (La Ville Lumiere) it is a must-see for all travelers! Firstly, start your Paris Europe tour with a river cruise where you will admire the iconic Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre Museum from the river of Paris, France. For the jazz-lovers immerse yourself in Paris, France annual Jazz Festival. The line-up focuses on jazz, world music and Afro-American music.

To experience Barcelona, you need to meet the people, live its streets and embrace the local vibe.

Drink their cold bears and know that each region of Spain has its tradition like Catalan is very rooted, have their own language and where movies and music are made of. You have to visit Las Ramblas one of Europe’s main streets and sit for coffee, shop, and eat 100% authentic cuisine like Catalan stew before you head off to one of Barcelona’s free street festivals “…best to think of these events as one part street party, one part neighborhood get-together, one part rock concert, and one part arts and craft fair.

Munich is a visual bombshell with stunning architecture, culture, and delicious food and the best way to experience it all at once is to attend the annual Oktoberfest! The largest Volksfest in Munich that lasts as long as 18-days and expect to consume lots of beer, grilled sausages, chickens, giant pretzels, and wild oxen. If you’re looking for sun-and-sand Munich is home to many beautiful beaches and islands like the Rugen Island - Baltic Sea which is a perfect destination for a Europe summer vacation. It is the largest island in the country. Rugen Island is a perfect stay for resort and spa enthusiasts, water sport adventurous, and a plethora of sights.

Each destination is filled with unique opportunities so give yourself time to experience the city. I’d spend at least three days to get a good feeling of a town. You’re meant to leisurely explore the streets, enjoy a glass of wine and cheese, and ask the locals for selfies. A good travel tip is to know key phrases to show the locals you’ve taken an interest in their culture like learn how to say hello, good morning, good afternoon, thank you, what is your name, and bathroom. Whichever city you decide to visit in Europe you need to know how to divide your time. Each destination has a diverse set of experiences, so step one is to understand how to get to/from the airport, getting around, and know the customs of that European destination then plunge straight into your vacation of a lifetime.


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