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Fake Travel DEBUNKED | How Not To Be Scammed.

Updated: May 10, 2023

It’s hard to imagine, but: we cannot believe everything we see on social media. So it’s essential to remember that so many accounts only post perfect scenarios, creating an illusion that there is a flawless outcome.

No trip is perfect, no matter what they show on the internet. Trust me. You need to investigate what the offer entails and the terms and conditions of what you have to pay. Many deals that seem irresistible have hidden fees that make them a rotten getaway. At the very least, after further investigation, the trip cost will exceed your intended budget, or the deals might not share the potential hoops you must jump through before taking advantage of the bargain.

For a detailed review of a popular deal circulating on Instagram, check out my Youtube video "Bali Travel Guide | 14-Days in South West Asia | My Review of an IG Post."

Ultimately you should proceed with caution if you’re wary about a vacation offer. An offer that appears too good to be true or cheaper than expected usually means it is. If planning a trip after seeing an enticing vacation deal on social media, a website, or a flyer, you might want to think twice and consider the following to avoid scammers:

  • Work with a trusted travel advisor

  • Ask detailed questions

  • Read the fine print

  • Purchase trip insurance

Check out my Youtube video "Why Travel Insurance is Important in Today's Travel Climate | Tips for Picking The Best Policy," and follow me on Instagram and Youtube for more inspiration, tips, and hacks.


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