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Egypt Travel

Updated: May 9, 2023

I first saw the advertisement while riding Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority redline on the metrorail and I thought this would be a perfect experience for me in preparation for across N abroad Travel adventure to the continent of North Africa to Egypt. The Queens of Egypt Exhibition is on display at The National Geographic Museum in Washington, DC from March 1 - Sept 2, 2019. I shamelessly admit my depth of knowledge about these queens were average. I mean, I knew they were iconic wives, Queen Nefertiti was known for her beauty, and Queen Cleopatra was known for her beauty, intellect, and affairs. I am sure I have learned of them through my readings about Egypt. A concentrated focus of Queens of Egypt is a knowledge path I never thought to explore. Experiencing the contributions of Hetepheres, Pharaoh Hatshepsut, Queens Nefertiti, Pharaoh Arsinoe, and Cleopatra VII at the exhibit and this ancient civilization in advance will make my travel to this continent even more adoring.

My passion for learning can be both a blessing and a curse. As a travel agent, it’s a blessing because I am able to offer my clients insightful tips and hacks about many destinations and experiences, i.e., spelling your name in hieroglyphic at the National Geographic Museum Queens of Egypt exhibit with one of their interactive displays will tell you… Well, I can’t spill all the beans because I don’t want to ruin your experience but it is a must do during your visit. On the other hand, my passion for learning can take me down the rabbit hole, i.e., I nearly read all the over 300 descriptions about Egypt and the Queens at the exhibit. Four hours later and needless to say my knees, my back, and my eyes were exhausted from viewing and reading about the artifacts and these female pioneers, and their contribution to construction work, unifying forces, extraordinary acts of foreign diplomacy, how they led expeditions to foreign lands and perhaps also waging wars.

I walked away from the Queens of Egypt Exhibition not just with more in-depth knowledge about these women and Cairo but feeling empowered at how in 2019 it is no longer a rare phenomenon for women to being one-dimensional. For me putting my eyes on the artifacts enhanced what I've read in books and seen on the Youtube and televisions. In my opinion, Beyonce’s video, Run The World (Girls) is an illustration of queens like Queen Nefertiti, Hatshepsut, and Cleopatra VII contribution and that we can still be beautiful and sexual. So two things (1) the exhibition revealed one Cairo's biggest secrets - women and (2) after reading most of the over 300 descriptions my knowledge of these women and Egypt is longer shallow. On the National Geographical website they ask can women rule the world and manage its affairs better than men, leave your answer below Yes or No?


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