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Why Should You Visit Cancun?

Updated: May 9, 2023

Playa Delfines beach

Mexico is an exciting place and a place to visit at least once. However, I have to admit Mexico has never been on my bucket list or at least not the top 20 places I wanted to visit, but my recent visit to Cancun has given me some unforgettable experiences, and I’m looking forward to returning. In my opinion in addition to the Zip Lining, ATVing, and thoroughly enjoying the amenities of my hotel The Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort Villas & Spa one bedroom suite I indulged in some unique Cancun adventures.

Maya Ruins

UNESCO World Heritage Chichen Itza, Mexico - The New Wonder of the World

I spent a day touring the most well-known attraction in the country while in Yucatan! Chichen Itza it is massive and complex Mayan ruins shaped like pyramids built by the people of Maya about 1200 years ago.

Fun Tid Bit: “The Mayan calendar consists of periods, the periods change every 2.880.000 days, and on December 21st in 2012, at 11:11 UTC it was supposed to be the year when those periods change, not the end of the world, as many people thought.”

Don’t miss out on a traditional Mayan spa treatment at Hacienda Chichen’s Yaxkin Spa and the 30-minute light show that’s projected onto the Chichen Itza pyramid at night. I strongly recommend going early morning before the crowds and because the heat can get really hot as the day progress.

Valladolid Mexico

Main Plaza

The small town of Valladolid with its beautiful pastel buildings and historical churches like Iglesia de San Servacio is located between Cancun and Merida is close to many hotels like Coqui Coqui Valladolid and Hotel Zentik Project & Saline Cave. This quaint town has great places to eat especially after long hours of touring Chichen Itza while enjoying libation like a dos tequilas y dos cervezas (two tequilas and two beer), and not too expensive shopping boutiques around the main plaza - central square. For a small fee, there’s also a cenote (Zaci) within walking distance from the plaza in case you don’t make it to the others.

Nightlife in Cancun

Coco Bongo is a must experience while in Cancun, Mexico! It’s a combination of a night club, Las Vegas-like entertainment, and just pure fun simultaneously! It’s considered the spot for nightlife in Cancun but be warned it is usually a PACKED spot but if you want to dance I’d recommend other spots along the Hotel Zone. Coco Bongo has nonstop performances from acrobats, conga lines, live bands, and musician impersonators. Your name must be on the guest list, and the Coco Bongo security is serious about reservations; otherwise, the lines for buying tickets on the spot for entrance can be long. The cost is about $85-$120 to include the open bar.

Swimming the Cenotes

Swimming the Cenotes are a huge reason to visit Mexico! The Yucatan has over 6,000 of them, and they are massive sinkholes filled with fresh blue water, making it a part cave and part swim havens. These enormous natural swimming holes are unique to this part of the world, and each is different than the other. The cenotes near Cancun and Playa del Carmen are built up to make it easier for tourist; Cenote Azul is open with many open pools around a large one, Cenote dos Ojos near Tulum are very dark caves with a slow flowing river. Some cenotes will have fish swimming around or bats flying above, others may be covered with greenery or a narrow pathway. I experienced the Cenotes Zapote Ecopark, Puerto Morelos, and right up until then I was hanging above this 68-foot sinking hole with the only alternative is to jump it was an exciting adventure! I can swim, but something about plowing straight into this sinking hole freaked me out. Luckily I had on a life jacket, and the fear only lasted about 30 seconds because once I surfaced to the top after jumping in my heart rate returned to normal.

I hope this post and things to do and see will help you plan your stay in this part of Mexico!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!


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