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Are You A Traveler or A Tourist?

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

When booking your dream destination do you take into consideration what title could be attached to you as a visitor by the locals you will encounter? By that I mean do you consider yourself a ‘traveler’ or a ‘tourist’? It’s not much to consider, you may be thinking, as either way you are on your way to your bucket list destination be it Greece, Las Vegas, Cuba, Hawaii or even Egypt. A few places to consider, as in 2018 - 2019 across N abroad Travel, your ideal ready, set, go travel agency makes all these luxurious destinations suit the traveler and the tourist in you.

The term tourist has been defined by Merriam Webster as "one who makes a tour for pleasure or culture"[1] Whilst traveler has been defined as "one that goes on a trip or a journey."[2] Now, either term can be used to define a visitor to an unknown territory, the question that ought to lie within you I believe is centered on what is merely seen versus what is truly experienced. A quest to take photos of and with grand monuments, being seen with a camera in hand and a fanny pack around your waist could be your ideal. Or you could be more adventurous, curious and care to delve beneath the surface and immerse yourself in the cultural journey; becoming one with the locals and having a true growth moment whilst enjoying your visit. Neither word should be seen as a limitation for your travels as with the in-depth research and planning that across N abroad Travel agency instills, you will be certain that you will feel like a priority while receiving excellent customer service ensuring that your personal needs are fulfilled by your experience.

Get the Most from Your Travels as a Tourist

Dress the part

It is quite alright if you seek to stick to the evil you know when traveling. Maybe you could "leave your white sneakers"[3] which most individuals have deemed to be the tell-tale sign of an American tourist. You could be more intentional in your planning take some time to research the destination allow yourself to be more immersed in the culture and you could potentially pack accordingly. across N abroad travel also provides wonderful tips to their customers so if you are ever in a bind and need to know a bit of vital information to prepare do not hesitate to reach out to Toni Reid!

Learn the Lingo

How about taking the time to practice a few phrases in the local language? By no means do you need fluency but a little may go a long way and you may be interested to see how differently the locals respond to your interest in their culture.

Become a World Classed Traveler

As a traveler you would have already expected to immerse yourself in the culture but you could take it a step further by doing some of the following:

  • Seek Ways in Which You Can Contribute to the Locations' Further Development

What mark do you think you can leave behind that could be impactful on the locals you meet? Talk to some of the locals, get to listening and learning about their experiences whilst being guided by your travel agency. The key is to delve deeper but not to get lost in the midst. Through their commitment to service across N abroad Travel Agency has truly enriched the lives of many of the customers not only through their dream tours but being unique in the services they provide. Getting you there is only one part of the fantastic adventure that awaits. So why hesitate? Ready? Set? Go!

  • Do Not Be So Eager to Separate Yourself as a Traveler From the Tourists

There is a great deal of truth in the saying "there is safety in numbers." I know you may be eager to delve deeper and locate all the local hotspots but you still need to remain aware and remain alert as you are venturing into unknown territory.

  • Do Seek to Have a Wonderful Experience

The aim is to enjoy yourself and get the most of out of your travel time. So, do not be afraid to ask the local questions. Our world is so diverse and information is so far reaching, you could surprise yourself when noticing the common interests, you may come across when chatting it up with a local. Don't be standoffish to the more popular destinations as though they may be swarming with tourists they are still unique, interesting and beautiful. So, don't miss the opportunity to be a part of what makes that destination venue unique and so well sought after.

Being a traveler or a tourist really shouldn't be the biggest thought when booking your next vacation. However, be more concerned with whom you are booking! I can assure you that the dedication and wonderful customer experience you will come to find when choosing across N abroad Travel Agency is second to none. They are unique in their offerings and there is a plethora of dream spots to choose from. In 2018 - 2019, you better get ready to go as they have quite the selection in store from Hawaii and Cuba for those of you seeking the beautiful tropical climate and the truly breathtaking scenery. To the more eccentric visitor seeking the wonderful architectural structures seen in Greece or Egypt.

There is even the destination to bring out the thrill-seeker in you if you wish to visit Sin City Las Vegas. It must be noted though, wherever you seek to go, across N abroad Travel Agency will not only get you there in fine style, they will also equip you with all the much-needed information to enable you to have the best trip that you could have ever planned or hoped to be a part of. So, don't hesitate to book now, 2018 will be great but 2019 will surely have you pining for trips of a lifetime.

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