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"Not everyone has the courage to step out of their comfort world to travel
the world,
 some need a little push or encouragement, and that is one of
the many reasons why I created the travel agency 
across N abroad Travel.
To inspire and fuel your desire for travel."

How Do Payments Work?

Even if your trip is several months away you can make monthly payments or you can pay the full amount. Note if two consecutive payments are missed you risk cancellation and the deposit and administration fee is non-refundable.

Protect Your Investment?

Customized Trip Planning


It can be hard work to make extraordinary experiences happen that makes you feel special and happy to be away from home comforts. We are the best boutique travel agency to carefully craft an itinerary just for your taste, needs, and preferences. You will receive optional travel destinations that will fit within your budget and you will have 24-hour direct access to your travel agent to assist with unforeseen emergencies.   

Quick Trips®

Image by Johan Van Wambeke

We did all the planning. All you need to do
is show up and enjoy your vacation!
The Quick Trip packages are carefully curator and include researching, planning, coordinating & booking your travel. My service is easy, professional, and friendly! And you still have a travel advocate if things go wrong on your travel.

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