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Hey, I'm Toni Reid.
The Founder/COO of
across N abroad Travel, LLC.
Welcome to my corner of the internet!

across N abroad Travel is dedicated to inspiring you to discover the world. Whether you’re planning a simple trip or a vacation to that dream destination, I want to give you tips, hacks, and resources to make your journey a success.

From in-depth destination travel guides, checklists, books, and blogs and vlogs they're all resources for you to enhance the traveling experience and to help you fill the pages of your passport. So, what are you waiting for? Let's Go See the World's #beauty, #culture and #adventures


Toni Reid is a travel enthusiast who has spent years exploring the world and as a seasoned traveler she has written a book about the best travel hacks. Her latest book, "The Ultimate Guide for Travel Hacks: How to Travel Safely and Confidently," a comprehensive and practical guide. As a former travel agent, Toni has insider knowledge of the industry and has used her expertise to develop a comprehensive guide packed with practical tips, insider secrets, and invaluable advice for travelers of all levels. Her book is a go-to resource for anyone looking to perfect the art of traveling efficiently and purposefully.


Toni is also a passionate advocate for sustainable travel and encourages travelers to explore the world responsibly and with respect for the environment and local cultures.


When she's not on a plane, she lives and enjoys many things and people in the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area.


  • Egypt

  • Cuba

  • Bali

  • Athens

  • Curasao

  • Rome

  • Cancun


  • Santorini

it’s sexy, it’s cool, it’s Greek, and they have one of the best sunsets. Honestly, the mini towns with cobbled streets make me grin and love visiting. 

Mykonos Alley and streets_edited.jpg


Once a thriving travel agent, Toni had built a successful business helping others plan and book their dream vacations. But over time, she began to have a strong sense of doing more for the travel community. Despite the joy she found in helping people create dream itineraries as time progressed, she felt like something was missing.

One day, Toni had an epiphany. As a travel advisor, she was only doing half the work because, as an advisor, much of her time was spent on assessing each customer's unique needs and preferences and responding to client requests. She realized she was missing sufficient time to share travel stories and experiences to inspire, educate, and entertain. She also realized that she and many others took travel for granted before the pandemic. With the pandemic being a thing of the past, the travel industry is adapting to new trends driven by social media, the demand for adventure, and local experiences. 

With this newfound inspiration, Toni decided to take a leap of faith and pivot  her business. across N abroad Travel now focuses on blogging and vlogging.  While she hasn't totally dismissed the work of helping people explore the world, she now only does small groups of 10-20 people.

Through her blog, Toni shares her personal travel experiences, as well as practical tips and insights on how to travel sustainably, responsibly, and with a sense of purpose. 


Toni has found a renewed sense of fulfillment and purpose in her work. She's still helping others by sharing travel stories, offering insight into foreign destinations, and encouraging global exploration.

Be sure to subscribe to the blog and follow her on YouTube.



Years of Travel Experience




Miles Flownf Travel Experience


​"I am a mother of a soldier and dog and plant mom, but more importantly I'm living and loving my life." 

- Toni Reid

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