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The Dominican Republic | Sanctuary Cap Cana Hotel & Resort |Walkthrough

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Your Upscale Dominican Vacation Awaits!

Ocean Bar
Ocean Bar

You've decided you want to vacation in the Caribbean, but you want a different type of experience and resort? You want a resort with "white" sand beaches, endless opportunities to relax, and moments for some unique adventure. At first glance, Caribbean countries have a lot in common: beautiful beaches, sunny skies, delicious food, funky entertainment, and some of the best all-inclusive resorts! The Dominican Republic is considered a "micro-continent" because it offers almost everything from bright blue beaches to chilly mountain towns surrounded by pine trees. Sanctuary All-Inclusive Adult-Only Resort is located in the Dominican Republic (DR). It is one of the best luxury resorts on the island so for me it was the perfect vacation destination.

De-boarding The Plane

How To Get There

The Sanctuary All-Inclusive Adult-Only Resort is about a 15-minute drive away from Punta Cana International Airport and snuggled in the private community of Cap Cana. Cap Cana has the largest, most diverse, and luxurious resorts, 6-miles from Punta Cana, and is best reached via private transfers.

The Culture

The Dominican culture is a mixture of native Taíno, the African slaves, the Dutch merchants, French pirates, AND Spaniard colonists. This Spanish heritage makes a stay at Sanctuary Resort that much more special because you can see the Spaniard architecture throughout the property. At the core of Dominican culture are a spirit of happiness, easy living, and family. It was evident in my interaction with the Dominicans from the airport and my stay in the Dominican Republic.

What To Do?

Don't skip out on its natural pools (cenotes) at Scape Park's Hoyo Azul, in Cap Cana, a 14m-deep "blue hole" surrounded by rainforest. A day trip to Montana Redonda for its incredible mountain views, a lift in the swings, and a chill moment in the hammocks. Then there's the country's most decorated rum, Brugal Anejo. I purchased a few bottles for my personal collection and family. It's recognized by the gold netting around the bottle. So make sure you pick up your bottle at the airport's Duty-Free store---Just so you know, August 16 is International Rum Day.

Walkway To The Royalty Villa

The Resort Property

This Spanish colonial resort is inspired and immaculately designed. I could be biased because I have an infatuation with Europe. However, if you're not a fan of cobblestone streets and castle-like buildings, the resort will still WoW you! The traveler who seeks tranquility, excellent self-care, a round of gulf, and some good eats will be amazed too. There are world-class accommodations and the Sanctuary Town (food and leisure), six swimming pools, and its pristine beach with white sand as an added bonus. If you're looking for a party resort, the Sanctuary is not the spot for you (check out Hard-Rock Hotel).

Meanwhile, there are many food choices at Sanctuary like American Style Steak House and Capriccio Italian restaurant. I enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Casabella International Buffet. I had so many delicious options, both sweet and savory.

The COVID standards were exceptional; the staff wore masks at all times and hand sanitizer stations throughout the resort. Playa Hotels & Resorts has operated Sanctuary, Cap Cana since October 1, 2017. Playa Hotels & Resorts are the leaders in luxury all-inclusive oceanfront resorts in the Caribbean, Jamaica, and Mexico. So I was comfortable moving throughout the resort.

Junior Luxury Suite
Junior Luxury Suite

The Rooms

The vast room styles and all views of the attractive property grounds. If you want the whole experience, I'd recommend the junior luxury suite as I did or if you're balling, you and another couple should explore the Royalty Villa.

Do I Recommend?

Yes, and I give it four of five checkmarks based on across N abroad Travel personal checklist. It's almost certain that you will have an extravagant vacation in the Dominican Republic at this resort. Here are my five ratings for Sanctuary All-Inclusive Adult-Only Resort:

The people ✓

The property (grounds/decor/cleanliness) ✓

Ambiance ✓

Available activities ✓


Sanctuary lost one point, in my opinion, because of its accessibility to activities outside of the resort. If you're a traveler who wants access to the community, enjoy the locals, and all the things at the destination it will require some coordination and or a car. Therefore, this cost should be included in your vacation budget.

That's it and that's all. So if you've visited DR, leave me a comment below and tell us about your experience and where you stayed? Don't forget to subscribe to the across N abroad Travel blog, so you're one of the first to access curated travel updates and inspirations and follow on Instagram.

-Happy Travels-

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