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Reopening The Borders | What is the World Looking Like For Travelers Due To The Panini

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

The complex requirements for entry and exit in a country and the different test types have resulted in a confusing process for travelers. Many airlines and destinations require COVID-19 test results for travel ahead of a vaccine, but there's no standard result format or verification system. Meanwhile, vaccines could one day be needed for international travel. Still, there are no uniform requirements across the world, which means getting vaccinated in one country might not guarantee entry into another. CommonPass lets people document their COVID-19 status (including health declarations, PCR tests, and vaccinations) in coordination with the World Economic Forum to satisfy a country's entry requirements.

However, CommonPass isn't the only digital health pass being tested. AOKpass and IATA Travel Pass are two other digital health passes that will support all efforts to travel under Coronavirus conditions safer and easier in the future. These apps are being tested to ensure that passengers with a recorded negative COVID-19 test can travel without any hassle and without undergoing the process of quarantine.

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